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We are proud to present you our watchbands. The craftsmanship, from the choice of leather to the smallest fittings, will convey our passion for all that is beautiful and exclusive.

The color patterns, the accuracy of the hand craftsmanship and the exclusiveness of the production in limited series, due to difficult and intermittent avaibility of the leathers, all make these watchbands truly unique, perfectly chosen for watches of the highest quality.


To complete the collection, the buckle tongue EST has been created to offer durability and comfort. They have been grooved for easy sliding of the band, its thickness is reduced to a minimum at the point of closure. The buckles are available in 18K gold, silver 925, steel and navy bronze.


Following the Atelier tradition, only the best is chosen, even for the leather accessories. They are made in soft calfskin lined in nubuck.

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