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Width 20/18 mm and 18/16 mm.

N.B. The colours of the hides used are susceptible to changes in the variability of the colour rendering in dyeing.

Since the production is made in limited series, using particular skins and leathers whose availability is intermittent and rare, orders are accepted for in stock merchandise only.

St-Petersbourg 1786 - Metta Catharina

Recovered after more than 200 years at the bottom of the sea, these precious Russian leather offer us the opportunity to wear something really unique. Treatment with a neutral wax, highlights the original colouring and manual machining.


The finest Luisiana crocodile skin, fittings of exceptional quality and splendid tannery make our most prestigious model unique and incomparable in terms of beauty and endurance. The precision workmanship gives it that classic elegance suited to make of the most of an elegant wristwatch.


The softness of the most prized Luisiana crocodile skin and the unique cut have been chosen for their beauty and comfort. Suited for wear without special care, this watchband combines the best quality from hand craftsmanship and excellent durability which guarantees its beauty for many years.


For this model we have chosen the best Italian and French tannery production possible. The various reptile species are used both in shiny and matte versions. The shearing highlights the design and softness. Refined and exclusive, it provides an excellent alternative to crocodile.


The most valuable part of ostrich skin and special tanning make this watchband particularly soft and pleasant to the touch, exalting its wearability. The care taken in crafting this band, as well as its warm hues make it ideal for unusual combinations of both elegant and sporty wristwatches.

The coloured patterns, the accuracy of the hand craftsmanship and the exclusiveness of the production in limited series, due to difficult and intermittent avaibility of the leathers, all make these watchbands truly unique, perfectly chosen for watches of the highest quality.


The best Italian and English leathers, these models have both classic and original hues as well as the elegance of Florentine leather crafting. The broad range of choices allows a pleasant match to your wristwatch.


Designed for rugged use, this band is of high quality Spanish leather with natural tanning; the inside is in soft crocodile. Greasing the band increases softness and water resistance. The internal structure, hand sewn and reinforced, gives this model the solidity required for military or professional use.


This work makes the strap soft and pleasant to touch.


These are seldom available as they come from Central America.


For this skin, we preferred the nabuck finish, both for portability and color rendering.


Also for this skin was the nabuck finish that enhances the color tones and nuances.


A tanned cow hide with nineteenth-century methods, specially made for our production. It is a surprising skin that improves appearance and coloration with sun exposure and use.


Made with the back of the North American horse with warm shades of color, which change appearance with use.

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It is with great pride that we present our straps, making sure that all the work done, from the choice of the skins to the finest finishing, will succeed in transmitting our passion for what is beautiful and exclusive.

To magnify the colors and increase the durability of naturally tanned leathers, it is best to polish them gently with a neutral wax. For reptile skins, the Meltonian Delicate Cream is preferred, while the Meltonian 1 Neutral is best for skins and leathers. The "backward leather" should be heated and covered with seal fat, dusted with talcum powder and left close to a source of heat. It should then be shined with a piece of oxford cloth or linen. The nubuck hides can be easily cleaned with an Indian rubber brush and lotion for suede.

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