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Fibbia EST



The buckle tongue fit perfectly to the case. Designed to offer maximum ruggedness and comfort. This results in the recess in which the strap slides, which reduces the overall thickness to the closing point. They are available in 18 Kt gold, 925 silver, stainless steel and marine bronze. The choice of marine bronze is motivated by the greater tolerability of other metals and by the fact that it guarantees the shock resistance required for professional and military activity.

Gold Buckle 18 Kt. Elegant and ergonomic design fits perfectly with the case. The marine and steel bronze versions equip the most sporty models.

ARC - Mod.: A18

18 Kt gold buckle.

ARC - Mod.: A18.B

Navy bronze buckle.

NORD - Mod.: N.18.A

Stainless steel buckle.

EST - Mod.: E18.925

925 silver buckle.

EST - Mod.: E18.925P

925 silver plated gold buckle.

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