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The collection of ROMA also includes series:    NABUCK    REPTILE    PHOQUE    REQUIN    ROVESCIA TEMPO   CHEVAL


JL-Roma 20.18-NA.TS-800 (2)
JL-Roma 20.18-NA.TS-800 (1)
JL-Roma 18.16-NA.TS-801
JL-Roma 20.18-NA.BP-802
JL-Roma 18.16-NA.BP-803
JL-Roma 18.16-NA.BE-804


JL-Roma 20.18-RE.MA-900 (3)
JL-Roma 20.18-RE.CH-901
JL-Roma 20.18-RE.MA-900 (1)
JL-Roma 20.18-RE.MA-900 (2)
JL-Roma 20.18-RE.BL-902


JL-Roma 18.16-FO.BE-1004
JL-Roma 18.16-FO.BE-1005
JL-Roma 18.16-FO.GI-1003
JL-Roma 20.18-FO.GI-1002 (2)
JL-Roma 20.18-FO.BO-1001
JL-Roma 20.18-FO.BL-1006
JL-Roma 20.18-FO.GR-1007


JL-Roma 20.18-SQ.MA-1104
JL-Roma 20.18-SQ.GR-1102
JL-Roma 18.16-SQ.GR-1103
JL-Roma 20.18- SQ.NE-1101
JL-Roma 20.18- SQ.NE-1100
Rovescia tempo


JL-Roma 20.18-RT.NA-1200
JL-Roma 18.16-RT.NA-1201
JL xxxxxxxROMA_18-16


JL-Roma 20.18-CA.MO-1300 (2)
JL-Roma 20.18-CA.MA-1300 (1)
JL-Roma 18.16-CA.MA-1301
JL-Roma 20.18-CA.BO-1302
JL-Roma 18.16-CA.BO-1303

Width 20/18 mm and 18/16 mm.

N.B. The colours of the straps may differ from those shown in the pictures.

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