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The dial is engraved and enamelled by skilled Craftsmen. This exclusive workmanship exalts the beauty of the design and makes each piece different from the other. Large size indices and balls contrast nicely with the corrosion of glazed colors.


To offer a good legibility of the indications by night or day, the index and hands are treated with tritium. The watch glasses are sapphire, scratch resistance and the diameter of the dial is larger than the standard. Intense studies have been made on the utilization of time and the way of reading under several light conditions to see the forms and dimensions. The design of the cases, the bezels and the dials utilizes the indications of this research and makes the reading of the data instinctive.

Julius Legend clock dial



Dials created by Master craftsmen, with refined engraving and enamelling techniques. The design and tritium hands and indicators have been sized in order to provide the maximum legibility even in the dark. Each dial differs from the others, due to the extreme variability the color yields, the transparency and the depth of the engraving, which all characterises these hand-made products.

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