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The shape and sizing of the case respond to precise robustness, aesthetics and portability. It is made from a single metal block, for coining and removal. The remarkable thickness has allowed the shock resistance and other stresses needed to meet the harsh military needs. The screwed back helps ensure waterproofness up to a depth of 100 meters, both for the classic model and for the chronograph. It is further strengthened by the collection of gold coin 18 Kt with the brand of Atelier. The case is made in 18 Kt gold, in bronze or in steel.


The bezel is engraved and enamelled by hand. A small coin, specially coined with the Atelier brand, refers to the meridian time. It is one of the elements that characterise the collection. The internal springs system and the steel or carbon rack allow for a convenient and precise rotation, reliable solution that expands the clock's use.


The screw crown is well protected by the uprights of the case. The form and the dimension have been studied to hold it easily. In the screwed position, the crown makes the case perfectly water, humidity and dust proof. It makes that side of the watch very resistant thanks to a small gasket steel tube which guarantees resistant use with time. The same technique has been used for the push buttons on the chronograph.



Case in 18K solid gold, obtained for coinage and removal from a single block of metal. The precision of the work and the thickness of the walls and the back give it an exceptional solidity. The navy bronze and steel versions are born of a complex manufacturing of full removal of the metal bar, chosen in order to maintain the material whole. Water-proof up to 100 meters.


Back in 18K solid gold, with the name Atelier engraved on it, the production number and the characteristics of the model. Coin in the centre in 18K gold with Atelier logo. The six grooves and its thickness ensure an easy opening of the case even in the absence of the proper tools. In navy bronze or steel.


Screwed crown and pushers in 18K gold or in steel, with tubes in steel inox AISI 304, double gasket system for perfect water resistance and durability over time.

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